10 products you don’t need for your new baby

Earlier I shared with you a list of essential items that you would need for your little one. In this post I am sharing my top 10 non-essential items. Again this is based on my personal research and from speaking with recent new mums and dads.

Be sure to pin this list on Pinterest as a resource and if you have a friend or family member who is expecting, be sure to pass along the link!

Baby checklist non-essentials Butterflies and fire.png

Nappy stackers and disposable bins.

Some new mums think these are a god send only to discover they don’t use them or become more of a hassle than regular nappy bin sacks and throwing items straight away.

Cot mobiles / white noise machines 

If used from day one these items can actually cause more issues than first thought. Your baby could become reliant on these devices for soothing and as such you may find you are unable to sooth your child when travelling.

Wipe warmers 

Warm moist environments are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria so why would you want to expose your baby’s sensitive bottom to this. Parents have managed for many years with water and cloths / cotton wool balls.

Breast pumps 

Some breast feeding mums get a manual breast pump to help store breast milk into individual pouches but then never use the devices. Your breasts will produce as much milk as required for your little one throughout the duration of breastfeeding. For more advice on breastfeeding see: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/Pages/breastfeeding-help-support.aspx 

Fancy bottle drying racks or designer changing bags 

They might look great and give you a happy feeling but they really are necessary.

Reclining / non-reclining chairs 

As great as they sound these are actually an non-essential item to rush out and purchase. Your little one is likely to be in your room for the first 6 months so you will probably be sat on the edge of your bed most evenings. During the day you will probably be sat on your sofa so why purchase additional furniture.

Baby baths

In the ‘olden’ days mums made do with the kitchen sink. These days you can do the same or purchase a bath mat. Just remember to always check the water temperature beforehand.

Baby shoes / newborn clothes

Your little one will start to grow very very quickly and something that fit yesterday will unlikely fit tomorrow. Baby’s cannot walk so shoes seem pretty pointless when socks will do. 0-3 month clothes seem to be the acceptable purchase size range for most new parents to receive. Your little one might looked swamped the first couple of days but after a couple of weeks the clothes may become nice and snug. You might as well purchase a size you’re going to get a couple of wears out of.

Door bouncers / swings

Usually costing between £20 and £30, door baby bouncers provide a bouncing sensation which some babies love. However, a panel of researchers found that this item was voted number 1 non-essential by 2000 parents. Most said that the devices often collected dust in the corner of the room or  never taken out the box.

Bottle prep machines and bottle warmers

Handy devices but can set you back up to £100 for some brands. The idea of the bottle prep machine is to take the hassle out of preparing your own bottles. The NHS don’t recommend these machines because of how the actually make the bottle. There is an injection of hot water then the formula is added then cold water. The cold water isn’t heated first so it has the potential to contain nasty bacteria.

In early 2017 a lady from the North East posted an article on social media that soon went viral showing the dangers of these machines. Read more here:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4315378/Parents-say-Tommee-Tippee-120-machines-mouldy.html

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