Amazon baby wish list September 2018 offer – free Johnson’s baby bath time gift set worth £12

Free Johnson’s Baby Bathtime Gift Set worth £12 from Amazon

This is brilliant! For ALL new and existing members! Simply follow the instructions below and enter BABYGIFTSET at checkout.

1 Simply sign up, follow the instructions and claim yours. If you’re already a member just click the link, follow instructions and they’ll send you a beautiful Johnson’s baby set!

2 Create an Amazon Baby Wish List (if you don’t have one already) and add products from the Baby Store to your Amazon Baby Wish List

3 Become a Prime member (if you are not one already no problem – just use the 30 day FREE trial!)

4 Add at least £10 worth of eligible baby products sold by Amazon from your Amazon Baby Wish List to your shopping basket

5 Go to the Johnson’s Bathtime Set and add to basket

6 Complete the transaction and enter promotional code BABYGIFTSET at checkout

How long should you wait to disregard other people’s feelings?

Having personally gone through (and still living with) the tourment of infertility and subsequently the IVF journey I understand how hurtful it is to see baby scans and pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement.

So when I became pregnant myself I tortured myself with the debate of posting my happy news announcement because I knew some of my friends were in a similar position as me.

It can become so exhausting worrying about what other people might think that at some point you have to tell yourself enough is enough. Yes, your little announcement might upset a couple of friends but true friends (and those in the same position) should be happy for you.

If not move on. You don’t need to be friends with the whole world nor do you need to be liked by lots of people. In the baby journey the only people that matter are you, your partner and the little miracle you’re growing. Ok immediate family as well and possibly your BFF but really you need to stop with the whole “oh what happens if Jens, uncles’ best friends jack Russel will get upset if I post a 12-week scan” attitude – move past it and live.

Then once that miracle is born share as little or as much as you want too. It’s your life, your rules.

Katherine xox

How to deal with nappy rash

Nappy rash affects at least a third of baby’s and can be caused by a number of things (not just poo). Your baby has delicate sensitive skin and things like an ill-fitting nappy can cause your baby’s bottom to become bright read and sore. Other things that can cause nappy rash include:

  • not cleaning your baby’s bottom and genitals properly
  • not changing soiled nappies often enough
  • alcohol-based wipes / products
  • soaps, lotions, detergents or bubble bath
  • food (starting on solid food during weaning)
  • baby not been well (common colds or even use of anti-biotics)
  • teething
  • changes in diet (if you’ve gone from breast to formula)
  • diarrhoea / prolonged exposure to poo and/or wee

It is always recommended to get help from your health visitor, nurse GP or even the pharmacy if your little one has had nappy rash for several days within signs of it going away. If your baby has a fever or raised temperature or if they develop a bright red, moist rash with white or red spots which spread to the folds of the skin.

To help protect your little ones delicate skin there are a number of creams out there that you can use during every nappy change. One of those creams is Metanium and they have provided a free downloadable leaflet on nappy rash.

Preventing and treating nappy rash

  • Try and let the skin breath by leaving the nappy off to allow air flow around the bottom and delicate skin
  • change nappies frequently especially after soiling
  • thoroughly clean baby’s bottom and genitals using plain water and cotton wool or baby wipes that are fragrance and alcohol free
  • You should also make sure the area is dry by patting the area (don’t rub too hard as this can make the skin more inflamed)
  • last but not least try using a nappy cream like Metanium barrier ointment or even Asda little angels nappy cream. If your little one already has nappy rash you might need to consider using Metanium nappy rash cream which contains ingredients to held relieve irritation and redness.

To download a copy of the Metanium-Nappy-Rash.

Katherine xo

Free MAM anti-colic bottle with Amazon

Are you an expectant or new parent looking to add some items to your baby inventory.


Well if you are an Amazon Prime customer with an Amazon baby wish list you can claim a free MAM Anti-Colic 130ml bottle

How to claim your free bottle:

  1. You need to have an Amazon prime account
  2. You need to create a baby wish list
  3. You need to add at least £5.00 worth of eligible baby products sold by Amazon (not fulfilled by) from your baby wish list to your basket. Products excluded include baby and infant formula, nappies, baby food and books.
  4. You need to add the MAM bottle to your basket and at the final checkout the price will be deducted.

Offer valid until 28th February 2018.

What does Amazon mean by sold by Amazon?

If you click on a product it will tell you the seller. If it says a sellers name other than Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon then it is not eligible for this offer. It must say Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.