MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising bottles

When I first had my little one I attempted breastfeeding but when things didn’t go to plan I moved onto bottle feeding. I started with Tommee Tippee closer to nature but my little boy really didn’t like them and would get terrible wind.

I discovered the MAM bottle range on Amazon after looking for Dr Brown bottles. I thought I would give them a try after seeing such good reviews. When I received my starter kit I was surprised to see so many parts just for one bottle. Most bottles just split into three/four piece the teat, cap and bottle. MAM bottles completely come apart. The unique airflow system means there is a white silicone ring in the bottle of the bottle. Due to this design when you cold water sterilise the bottle (yes I know you can self-sterilise in the microwave but I prefer cold water sterilising with Milton tablets as I can do multiple items in one go and leave them in the formula for 24 hours) you find that you have quite a bit of excess water to shake off when you assemble the bottle. When I first poured water in I was concerned it would come out of the holes in the bottom so I tried with cold water first. Nothing leaked out at the silicone ring prevents fluid leaking out but only air.

After the first use I saw a huge difference when my boy. He no longer gulped air and milk. I also didn’t need to worry about making sure the hole in the teat was in the right place. Also in comparison to the tommee tippee bottles these are really nice to hold. The base and teat holders can be used on any of the anti-colic bottles.

Another great thing I love about these bottles is the patterns on the bottles and that you can get these in green, pink, blue or a cream colour.

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MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising bottle

The MAM Self-Sterilising anti-colic bottle is the perfect bottle to introduce your little one to the MAM bottle and teat. This bottle is packed with all of the features you would expect from MAM Bottles. They are self- sterilising in three easy steps. The bottle also comes with the MAM Skin soft teat that has an acceptance rate of 94% among babies. Thanks to the clever design the bottle also helps to reduce colic by up to 80%.


Self Sterilising

The MAM Easy Start anti-colic bottle can be taken apart and then assembled in three easy steps and sterilised in the microwave quickly and easily without a separate steriliser, making it suitable for when you’re on the go. How does the smart self-sterilising function work? Simply heat the bottle in the microwave with 20ml of water and in 3 minutes it’s done. We know that with this self-sterilising function there is no need to pack additional big sterilisers when travelling or taking extra bottles in your change bag when going out for the day. So parents can be ready for anything: visiting relatives, travelling or meeting friends.

7b82b830-5c01-46a7-88b0-93d1ee82cfe2Anti Colic for Baby’s Comfort

The patented vented base of the MAM anti-colic bottle ensures that babies can drink calmly and relaxed. The ventilation holes in the base regulate pressure balance and airflow and as the bottle ventilates via the bottom, milk flows undisturbed without air bubbles, feeding without interruption. Market research and medical studies suggest that the enhanced vented base reduces colic symptoms in 80 per cent of babies who use it. The result means no more air swallowing, more relaxed drinking and more quiet nights.

94% Teat Acceptance.


The MAM Silk Teat makes switching between breastfeeding and bottle especially easy. Thanks to its patented silky soft silicone surface. Proven effect: *Market research confirms that 94 per cent of babies accept the MAM silk teat thanks to its silky skin-soft surface.

Scientifically proven teamwork for maximum safety: Only after a consent from their Med-Experts is a MAM ready for baby life.

*Market research 2009-2014, tested with 1,349 babies