Alternative Christmas gifts

I am becoming more and more swayed towards alternative gift ideas – basically every year it’s the same old story of purchase something for the sake of it and end up getting the same items year after year.

This year I stumbled upon a blog article by Rachelle Strauss ( and it awoken that sustainble fairy inside me. Rachelle shared a 12 days of waste-less giving and it is actually really good although not new to most. The idea of an act of service has always been around in the valentines market place – the “lovers cheque book”.

I do like the idea of giving a gift of a plant though. This would encourage greener and healthier homes. After all the air quality within an average home is actually worse than standing next to the motorway. Even just one or two plants can help remove some of the nasties in the air and replace with oxygen. Plants also give you a slight boost to your wellbeing making you feel a little happier.

What alternative gifts will you be giving this year?