The famous beagle – be the ENVE of your pet friends

Our gorgeous Oskar Beagle is now one of 10 winning dogs to help promote the dog food brand ENVE.

The dog food is grain free so brilliant for all dogs. We found this food to be one of the best for Oskar’s bowel movements so decided to enter the competition last year.

One week after the birth of our little boy, the lovely team from ENVE and their photographer Lucy D Photography came to visit. Oskar was as good as gold and sat when asked and even did s couple of jumping shots – had nothing to do with getting treats between shots.

For more information visit their website and grab yourself a trial bag for £7.99 plus postage – which is then redeemable again a full sized bag on your next order. Make sure to create an account so you can claim every 7th bag free.


Katherine xo


1. We were not paid by ENVE to post any reviews. All comments are my own opinion.

2. Photos copyright is Lucy D Photography and ENVE

Does my beagle know I’m pregnant?

This is a question I have asked myself many many times over the last 6 months. My adoring 4-year old Beagle has always followed me around the house like the toddler I never had. He has been my furbaby since bringing him home at the age of 8 weeks old. I remember that cute puppy look and puppy smell, oh the memories.

Now I am pregnant I’m filled with constant worries including will my dog actually accept the new baby and does he know I’m pregnant.

The truth is dogs have a very good sense of smell and whilst pregnant your personal odour has slightly altered. Whether dogs actual know this is because you are pregnant is still up for debate. I have read up that some dogs may become either very clingy or start to ignore you (a bit like a toddler). The one piece of advice I was passed from my mother-in-law was to introduce your dog to your bump to instigate some sort of bond. So, I have spent many hours cuddled on the sofa with my beagle using my bump as his personal pillow. Now I’m 6 months pregnant he has been getting the odd kick but hasn’t actually reacted to it so probably just thinks it’s my grumbling tummy. This leads me to think that my beagle is aware of something but hasn’t the brain capacity to work out what that something actually is.

Why am I convinced, well he likes to put himself between me and my husband a lot as if to say leave my mammy alone. This might seem like protective behaviour to try and keep me safe or he’s just a jealous dog. We have also been having a good old clear out of unnecessary rubbish so he’s probably picked up on that.

We are treating him like he’s our first born and have planned to give him a new toy every month for the first few months so he doesn’t feel left out. It wouldn’t surprise my husband if I went onto eBay and purchased a doggy jumper that says ‘I’m gunna be a big brother’ 😂 (as I’m writing this I have the app open on my phone).

Either way our beagle hasn’t really changed towards us even with my growing belly. He’s still daft as a brush, clingy and loving. We love him and I suppose that’s all that matters so only time will tell if he will be baby’s protector or run away hiding with every piercing scream.

Katherine xo